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Coordinates: 53°49′48″N 2°56′28″W / 53.830°N 2.941°W / 53.830; -2.941 Greater Blackpool is the informal name for the urban area surrounding Blackpool in Lancashire, England. The ONS define a Blackpool Built-up Area or Blackpool Urban Area, with a population of 239,409 in 2011[1] this is considerably down on the 2001 population of 261,088 [2] mainly due to Fleetwood no longer being considered as part of the built-up area. The population of the Blackpool Urban Area has been declining for some time with the 2001 population down 0.1% from the 1991 figure of 261,355.

It includes the following 6 places:[1]

Blackpool itself has a population of 142,283, although during the summer months the population of the town can rise to three times this figure. According to Lancashire Tourist Board there were 360,000 people living in the town during April and August 2003, the majority of these people working in Blackpool for the summer season.

The postcode for Blackpool Urban Area is FY (for the Fylde), making it one of the few districts with a code not named after the largest town or city.


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