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Blackstrap Ski Hill, (also known as "Mount Blackstrap") is a man-made skiing and snowboarding hill located approximately 51 km (32 mi) south of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada east of Highway 11, the Louis Riel Trail. It is one of only a few man-made mountains in the world. It is a unique feature on Saskatchewan's prairie landscape.[1] It is now a feature of the Blackstrap Provincial Park along with Blackstrap Lake. It rises 45 metres above the surrounding land.[2]


The hill was built in 1970 by the Canadian government for the 1971 Canada Winter Games at a height of 2,045 feet above sea level.[3] The mountain is built with soil excavated from the escarpment behind the "mountain". The theme for the Saskatoon bid for the 1971 Canada Games was "Going to build a mountain" in honor of the construction of the hill.

After the Canada Winter Games, the ski hill was turned over to a private operator. However, the hill was closed permanently in 2008 due to declining ridership.[4] The ski lodge was destroyed by a suspicious fire in September 2009.[5] A month later, the provincial government announced that the remaining ski equipment at the hill would be dismantled and sold.[6]

By the end of 2012, three developers had approached the government with proposals to develop a recreation area. Requests for proposals were accepted until the spring of 2013.[7] One developer withdrew his proposal,[8] while the other two submissions did not include redevelopment of the ski hill.[9]


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