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Jump to: navigation, search is an American historical website. The entity appeared on the internet in 1995.[1] According to, first appeared under link on the Orlando Sentinel website. Barry Cooper was the founder of the African-American messageboard and news website.


Cooper's website received a five million-dollar investment from Tribune Company, the parent company of the Orlando Sentinel. From there, grew and eventually gained over a million registered users.[citation needed] Later, the site was sold to AOL-Time Warner. Although the site had content targeted towards African-American culture, the site was never black-owned or brought by a black majority-owned company. At is peak, was structured with news articles, a messageboard, and blogs. You had to be a member of AOL to join the site.

In October 2000, General Motors Corp. announced a multimillion-dollar three-year deal to advertise on the site.[2][3]

Some members[who?] were upset with the sale of from Tribune to AOL and then from AOL to the Huffington Post. Although under AOL the messageboard stayed intact with some changes, Huffington Post has removed the messageboard.


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