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This article is about the Marvel Comics supervillians. For other uses, see Black Wings.

Blackwing is the name of two fictional supervillains and one hero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Publication history[edit]

The first Blackwing appeared in Daredevil #118 and was created by Gerry Conway and Don Heck.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Joseph Manfredi[edit]

Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Daredevil vol. 1 #118 (Feb 1975)
Created by Gerry Conway (Writer)
Don Heck (Artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Joseph Manfredi
Team affiliations Masters of Evil
Skeleton Crew
Circus of Crime
Heavy Mettle
Notable aliases Guiseppi Manfredi, Joe Silvermane
Abilities Expert bat trainer
Skilled marksman
Specially mutated bats
Wears costume made of synthetic stretch fabric over chain mail body armor that grants:
Short distanced flight via directed motion hovering

Joseph Manfredi was born in Orlando, Florida, and is the son of the crime lord Silvermane. When he debuted, he was a costumed animal trainer for the Ringmaster's Circus of Crime. While as a member of that group, he battled with Daredevil and escaped.[1]

Blackwing worked as an agent for Silvermane's HYDRA (serving as the Air Action Division Leader) when his father was leader. He participated in the capture of Foggy Nelson. Blackwing battled Daredevil, Black Widow, Nick Fury, and S.H.I.E.L.D. and was once again defeated by Daredevil.[2]

Blackwing later teamed up with Jack O'Lantern to stake out his father's house when the Red Skull took the control of the base, turning the dilapidated mansion into his so-called Skull House. The duo searched Skullhouse and battled Captain America during this event.[3] Blackwing and Jack O'Lantern were recruited by Mother Night to join the Skeleton Crew after the Red Skull was impressed with their abilities.[4] Blackwing, Jack O'Lantern, and Cutthroat fought Crossbones and Diamondback before they joined the Skeleton Crew. Blackwing captured Diamondback,[5] and then battled Diamondback as she escaped.[6] He and the rest of the Skeleton Crew were defeated by Captain America, Diamondback, and Falcon. He was defeated in combat by Falcon, and taken to the Vault.[7]

The second Crimson Cowl recruited Blackwing to join her incarnation of the Masters of Evil. He was defeated alongside them. After that last defeat, Joseph abandoned the Blackwing identity and became a crime lord creating his own private villains in Heavy Mettle. He ordered Firestrike to bring him the battle suit of New Warriors member Turbo in hopes of proving himself to his father and the other crime bosses of New York.[8] The New Warriors defeated Joseph's group and Firestrike is currently in the Witness Protection Program in exchange for his testimony against Joseph Manfredi.[9]

Heavy Mettle[edit]

A member of Joseph Manfredi's group Heavy Mettle also goes by the name of Blackwing.[8]

During the Dark Reign storyline, this Blackwing is shown as a new member of Norman Osborn's Shadow Initiative.[10] She was later injured during the attempt to retake 42, the Negative Zone Prison, from Blastaar's forces. She was killed in action.[11]

Barnell Bohusk[edit]

Main article: Barnell Bohusk

Powers and abilities[edit]

The first Blackwing is an expert trainer of bats, with which he has a highly developed empathic rapport. He has a number of specially mutated bats bred for abnormal strength, size, and intelligence. Blackwing wears a costume consisting of synthetic stretch fabric over chain mail body armor. Devices in his costume give him the power of flight for short distances, via directed motion hovering. Blackwing is also a skilled marksman.

The second Blackwing wears an armored suit that has wings enabling her to fly.

In other media[edit]

A 1940s version of Joseph Manfredi appears in Agent Carter portrayed by Ken Marino. This version is the mob leader of the Los Angeles Maggia branch.[12] This character is an old acquaintance of Howard Stark. He first appears in the episode "The Atomic Job" where he is shown dining at a restaurant when Whitney Frost and Calvin Chadwick visit him. Joseph had personal issues with Chadwick for having stolen something from him only to laugh about something that happened a decade ago. They discussed how Chadwick was running for senate and Manfredi noted that as he was connected to the Council of Nine he would likely get elected. In exchange for accepting Whitney's offer for ownership of a freeway system, Joseph wants Chadwick to keep his name and the name of his men off the front pages of the newspapers. Before he makes his decision, Joseph called one of his mob operatives to him and beat him up for looking at Whitney inappropriately in front of the other patrons. After the mob operative's beaten body is removed, Joseph agrees to Whitney's deal. In the episode "Monsters", Manfredi's men provide security for Whitney's house as she tells him and Vernon Masters her next plan. Manfredi accompanies Whitney to Stark's mansion where they successfully capture Jason Wilkes and escapes after Whitney shoots Ava Jarvis in the stomach. In the episode "The Edge of Mystery", Joseph is visited at his restaurant by Peggy Carter and Daniel Sousa at the time when his grandmother was present. They have him carry a message to Whitney that involves an exchange where they get Wilkes and she gets the uranium rods. Joseph carries the message to Whitney. When it comes to the exchange, Peggy and Sousa obtain Wilkes while tricking Whitney and Joseph with the fake uranium rods while escaping. Upon Wilkes giving in to Whitney's offer and informing Whitney and Joseph where the real uranium rods are, they contact Vernon Masters to obtain them. Once that was done, they assemble the bomb that would open a rift into the Zero Matter's dimension. Following Wilkes' trip there, Joseph has Peggy and Edwin Jarvis knocked out. In the episode "A Little Song and Dance", Whitney finds that Peggy and Edwin have escaped and orders Joseph to shoot the driver that discovered this. Joseph then takes Whitney and Jason to an abandoned sanitation facility in an attempt to extract the extra Zero Matter. In the episode "Hollywood Ending", Joseph talks to his grandmother about Whitney's condition and is advised by her to make a 'deal with the devil'. This leads to Joseph seeking out Stark to help get Whitney back to normal. While Joseph provides a diversion with one of his minions, Peggy and Daniel photograph the paper formulas on the walls in her room. After Whitney was defeated with her insanity committing her to an asylum, Joseph was seen visiting Whitney.


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