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A blade is a sharp cutting part, for instance of a weapon or tool.

Blade may also refer to:


Computing and technology[edit]

  • Blade, a templating engine used in the Laravel PHP framework
  • BLADE (software), Block All Drive-by Download Exploits, software developed at Georgia Tech and SRI International
  • Blade server, a self-contained computer server, designed for high density
  • Blade PC
  • ZTE Blade, a cellphone manufactured by the ZTE Corporation


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Other uses[edit]

  • Bladed weapon, especially a sword
  • Razor blade, used for shaving
  • Blade (archaeology), a type of stone tool
  • Blade (company), a crowdsourced short-distance aviation company
  • Blade (geometry), a generalization of vectors in higher-dimensional vector spaces in geometric algebra
  • Prismatic blade, a type of stone archeological artifact that is long and narrow with parallel margins
  • Blade, an often curved metal plate installed on the front of a bulldozer
  • Leaf blade, a major part of a leaf
  • Botanical term for the wider distal part of a petal, sepal or bract
  • Blade (algae), another word for lamina, the leaf-life structures on seaweed
  • Tongue blade, the part of the tongue just behind the tip
  • Toyota Auris, a car, also known as Toyota Blade in Japan
  • A rotating aerofoil or wing of a rotary engine (turbine, compressor, ...) or a propeller

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