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Bladon Jets (UK)
Private limited company
Founded 2002
Founder Chris and Paul Bladon
Headquarters Coventry, United Kingdom, England
Products Micro Gas Turbines, Heat Exchangers, Micro Air Bearings and Automotive Range Extenders

Bladon Jets is a British company developing micro gas turbines – small, light and clean-burning jet engines. It is also involved in the development of Automotive Range Extenders, Heat Exchangers and Micro Air Bearings.

In 2012 it won a £3.1m Regional Growth Fund award to assist in its development of a research and development facility in Coventry, UK.

Jaguar Cars chose Bladon Jets to supply the turbines used in its C-X75 concept electric sports car to generate electricity to extend the range of its battery.[1]

The company was founded by twin brothers Chris and Paul Bladon [1] who are closely associated with the Isle of Man TT races, with the Paul Bladon Trophy awarded annually to the rider who completes the fastest lap in their class in the Post Classic event at the Manx Grand Prix. Paul Bladon died in 2008 after a long battle with cancer.


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