Blafe language

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RegionWestern Province, Papua New Guinea
Native speakers
670 (2003)[1]
  • Blafe
  • Ranmo
Language codes
ISO 639-3bfh

Blafe (Mblafe), also known as Tonda[2] or Indorodoro/Yendorador,[3] is a Papuan language of New Guinea. Dialects are Mblafe and Ránmo. It is centered in Indorodoro village (8°35′31″S 141°17′48″E / 8.59196°S 141.29677°E / -8.59196; 141.29677 (Indorodoro)) of Kandarisa ward (8°37′17″S 141°13′10″E / 8.621418°S 141.2194°E / -8.621418; 141.2194 (Kandarisa)), Morehead Rural LLG, Western Province, Papua New Guinea.[4] Mblafe-speaking villages are located along eastern banks of the Bensbach River and inland areas to the east of the river.[5]:9


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