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Blagoveschensk State Pedagogical University (BSPU) is situated in Blagoveschensk the administrative of the Amur Oblast that occupies about 391,900 square kilometers in the south of Russian Far East. The city of Blagoveschensk was founded in 1856. Today it is one of the most important administrative, cultural, scientific and industrial centers of the Far East region with more than 220 000 inhabitants. Blagoveschensk is often called “The Gate to China” for its unique location on the border with China. Just across the river Amur there is a Chinese city Heihe. It is the only place where two foreign cities are so close to each other. Many Chinese companies work in the Amur region in timber industry, agriculture, construction business and tourism.

About the University[edit]

BSPU was founded in 1930 and is one of the oldest educational institutions in the Far East of Russia. Now there are more than 400 faculty members and about 6000 students at 10 departments with 35 specialties. The university also has 14 post-graduate courses both of pedagogical and non-pedagogical specializations. University library had been the only scientific library in Amur region before 1955. Now it counts more than 600,000 copies. There are 6 reading halls which can seat 600 people. In 2004 with the help of Heihe Institute the library opened the class of Chinese studies, where students can read Chinese newspapers, watch Chinese movies and practice their pronunciation skills. There are 19 computer classes with Internet access and modern multimedia equipment.

BSPU has own printing office and 20 scientific laboratories and research centers: chemical laboratory of hetero-organic substances, laboratory of modern educational technologies, center of environmental studies, archeological museum, center of linguistics and communication, insect laboratory. University has established strong partnership with leading Russian universities and scientific centers: Moscow State University, Moscow State Pedagogical University, Far Eastern State University and others.

International Cooperation[edit]

BSPU has solid relations with many Chinese educational institutions: Heihe Institute,Changchun University, Harbin Pedagogical University, Harbin University, Far-Eastern University of Finances and Economics, Daqing Pedagogical Institute, Harbin Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Language and Culture and others. There are regular student exchanges, joint scientific, cultural and sport activities. More than 100 international students studying Russian language at BSPU every year.

In 2009 BSPU with the financial support of "Russian world" Foundation opened 5 Russian language centers at 5 universities, located in the Far-East of China.

In 2007 Conficius Institute was established at BSPU. Now it is one of the biggest and well-known Confucius Institute in Russia.

BSPU and Heihe Institute are engaged in joint Bachelor's Degree project in Philology where Chinese students study 2 years in Heihe and then 2 years in Blagoveschensk. As a result they obtain two diplomas: Russian and Chinese.

In February 2006 BSPU established Language Testing Center where foreigners can take a TORFL test (Test of Russian as Foreign Language). The issued certificate is accepted as an official proof of language proficiency throughout Russia.

BSPU also has strong scientific and educational ties with Europe and the United States. In 1996 with the help of DAAD (German Service of Academic Exchanges) the university established Goethe Center where students acquaint with modern and classical German literature, attend lectures given by German specialists and improve their language skills.

In August 2005 BSPU joined the consortium of Russian universities engaged in a distance learning project started by Institute for International Studies at Stanford University (USA). Russian students study international relations, political science and environmental issues. The best students take part in annual international student conferences. In June 2005 BSPU became the member of the universities network collaborating with the Department of Culture and Cooperation of French Embassy in Russia. As a result BSPU established a Resource Center of French Language and Culture that provides students and professors with training aids and up-to-date information on educational and cultural programs organized by French Embassy. Students often take language courses in China, Great Britain, the USA, Germany during summer vacation.


Department of Physics and Mathematics: Teacher of Physics and Mathematics Teacher of Computer Science and Mathematics Teacher of Physics and Computer Science Teacher of Computer Science and Translator in IT sphere Mathematician-Programmer Engineer

Department of Natural Sciences and Geography: Teacher of Geography and Biology Teacher of Biology and Chemistry Department of History and Philology: Historian, Teacher of History Teacher of Russian Language and Literature Russian as a Foreign Language

Department of Pedagogics and Elementary Education: Teacher of Elementary School Teacher-Logopedist Teacher of Pre-School Pedagogics and Psychology Oligophrenopedagogics Psychologist in Corrective Educational Institutions

Department of Foreign Languages: Teacher of Foreign Languages, Interpreter: English as Primary and French as Secondary, French as Primary and English as Secondary, English as Primary and German as Secondary, German as Primary and English as Secondary, Chinese as Primary and English as Secondary, English as Primary and Chinese as Secondary

Department of Physical Culture and Sport: Teacher of Physical Culture Specialist in Physical Culture and Sport Specialist in Life Security

Department of Industry and Pedagogics: Arts and Crafts Clothing Designer Technology and Design of Materials Technology of Ready-Made Garments

Department of Psychology and Pedagogics: Teacher-Psychologist Manager and Translator in Business Economics

International Department (for foreign students): Teacher of Russian as a foreign language

Department of History and Philology:

Post-Graduate Studies[edit]

  • Russian History
  • World History
  • Physics of Conductors and Dielectrics
  • Chemical Physics
  • Chemistry of Hetero-Organic Substances
  • Russian Literature
  • Russian Language
  • Germanic Languages
  • Romanic Languages
  • Physical Geography
  • Soil Science
  • General Pedagogics
  • History of Pedagogics
  • Theory and Methodology of Education
  • Culture Studies


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