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Blaine O'Hare is part of the Barbie doll collection by Mattel. Blaine was originally part of the "Generation Girl" line. In the "Generation Girl" line he was a musician. He played the guitar and was a DJ. He was the radio DJ at International High School. Following the discontinue of "Generation Girl" Blaine was included in the "Cali Girl" line.

As part of a large-scale publicity promotion by the toy manufacturer Mattel, the day before Valentine's Day in 2004, a press release was issued, stating that the world famous Fashion Doll couple, Barbie and Ken, were parting company. Soon thereafter, Toy Fair 2004 introduced another male Doll into Barbie's Cali Girl beach-themed line of toys. This was Blaine, a boogie boarding Australian native. "Cali Guy" Blaine Dolls appeared on store shelves late June 2004.

Much was made of all this, both in the press and on the internet. Blaine dolls were initially very popular, and he even won an on-line poll at the website, besting Ken handily in the hearts and minds of the on-line public. For nearly two years, Blaine was the man in Barbie's life. No new versions of Ken were produced during this period, but his presence was felt by means of "Handsome Groom" dolls, which were basically Ken dolls sold without the Ken name on the package. In mid-2006, Ken returned to Barbie's life, with a much-ballyhooed "New Look" and an updated, more modern image. No new Blaine dolls have been issued since.

Blaine has a sister named Summer, who, according to the "Cali Girl" storyline, was a good friend of Barbie's, and the reason that Barbie first met Blaine.

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