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Blaine Hogan (born January 29, 1980) is an actor from Minnesota, United States, who graduated from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana and has performed on stage in Indianapolis and Chicago at the Indiana Rep, Chicago Shakespeare, and the Goodman Theatre. He appeared in the Fox television drama Prison Break as a young prisoner, Seth Hoffner.

While at Butler, he adapted Franz Kafka's "Before the Law" as the short play "The Door", which was performed on two snowy evenings in an alleyway in Broad Ripple. Hogan previously appeared as Gregor Samsa in Steven Berkoff's adaptation of The Metamorphosis.

Hogan's other roles at Butler included Rosencrantz in William Shakespeare's Hamlet (whom he played as a Niles Crane-style neat freak on a stage with a dirt floor) and Guildenstern in Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead. He also played Hedwig and Tommy Gnosis in a sold-out extended run of Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Phoenix Theatre (in which he pointed out that Jim Jones preached in the same building) and Snoopy in Snoopy!!! at Edyvean Repertory Theatre.

He is currently the creative director at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago.

His first book, UNTITLED: A collection of essays on the creative process releases July, 2011.


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