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Blaine Lee Pardoe is an American award-winning, New York Times Bestselling author, known primarily for writing the Battletech and MechWarrior: Dark Age series of science fiction books, business management books,[1] military history works on a number of Great War topics, and true crime works. In more recent years, he has written true crime books with his daughter, Victoria Hester. Together they made the New York Times Bestseller List for Crime and Punishment for their book, The Murder of Maggie Hume.

Pardoe is one of the original writers for Battletech's fiction. He contributes more stories to on-line pay-to-read fiction website, Battlecorps. His best known book in the MechWarrior Dark Ages line is Surrender Your Dreams. In 2008 his book on Frank Luke Jr., Terror of the Autumn Skies, was released (Skyhorse Publishing, 2008).[2]

Blaine has written material for numerous game companies including FASA, GDW, Catalyst Game Labs, and others, contributing to no less than eight fictional universes. He is an avid RPG and tabletop gamer.

Blaine Pardoe is an award-winning author, having won the Historical Society of Michigan's State History Award in 2011 and the Silver Medal from the Military Writer's Society of America the same year for his book Lost Eagles (University of Michigan Press) about Frederick Zinn of the Lafayette Flying Corps. His books have appeared on several bestseller lists both including the New York Times Murder and Mayhem list in October 2014 and on and in numerous newspapers.

Pardoe has appeared on numerous television and radio programs promoting his book and has been a guest speaker at the U.S. National Archives, the U.S. Navy Museum, the Smithsonian, the Mariner's Museum, and the New York Military Affairs Symposium. He is a researcher, historian and writer specializing in topics around the Great War and military history. He has been mentioned on the floor of the US House of Representatives for his work on Frank Luke Jr. He is also an editorial columnist for the Culpeper Times newspaper. His most recent true crime book, "The Murder of Maggie Hume" was co-authored with his daughter, Victoria Hester. They are the only father-daughter duo writing true crime.

Pardoe lives in Amissville, Virginia.[2]


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