Blair Athol distillery

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Blair Athol Distillery
Blair Athol.JPG
Region: Highland
Location Pitlochry
Owner Diageo
Founded 1798
Status Operational
Water source Allt Dour Burn
No. of stills 2 wash stills (13,000 liters)
2 spirit stills (12,000 liters)[1]
Capacity 2,500,000 litres
Mothballed Soon after 1798 to 1825
1932 to 1949
Blair Athol 12
Type Single malt
Age(s) 12 Years
ABV 43%
The distillery along Perth Road

Blair Athol Distillery is a distillery in Scotland that distills Blair Athol single malt whisky. It is used in Bell's whisky, and is also normally available in a 12-year-old bottling.[2] The distillery is located near Pitlochry in Perthshire.[2]

The distillery was founded in 1798 by John Steward and Robert Robertson,[3] originally named 'Aldour', after the Allt Dour burn the distillery draws it water from, but closed soon[when?] after opening.[4] The distillery opened again and changed ownership to John Robertson in 1825.[3]

It was sold several times in the period after, going from John Robertson to Alexander Conacher & Co., then to John Conacher & Co, which was inherited by Elizabeth Conacher in 1860. It was sold again to Peter Fraser & Co, and again to Peter Mackenzie of P. McKenzie & Co Distillers Limited in 1882.[3][4]

The distillery closed down in 1932. The mothballed distillery was bought by Arthur Bell and Sons, but didn't open again until it was rebuilt in 1949.[3] In 1973 the distillery expanded, adding two stills to the existing two.[3]


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