Blakely Plantation

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Location of the Blakely Plantation and Ingleside Plantation

Blakely was a small cotton plantation of 900 acres (360 ha) located in extreme northeast Leon County, Florida which was established by Miles Blake.


Blakely was bounded on the east by Susan's son's Ingleside Plantation and would have been bound on the west by what is now County Road 59 (Veterans Memorial Drive). Blakely's northern boundary would now be Cypress Landing Road and to the south it would have bounded by the streets of Leland Circle and Indigo Lane.

Plantation specifics[edit]

The Leon County Florida 1860 Agricultural Census shows that the Blakely Plantation had the following:

  • Improved Land: 500 acres (200 ha)
  • Unimproved Land: 400 acres (160 ha)
  • Cash value of plantation: $9,000
  • Cash value of farm implements/machinery: $300
  • Cash value of farm animals: $2,000
  • Number of slaves: unknown[1]
  • Bushels of corn: 3,000
  • Bales of cotton: 40
Where Blakely Plantation would be today

The owner[edit]

Blakely Plantation came into existence when Miles Blake came from North Carolina in 1826.[citation needed] Miles' wife, Susan Parish Blake, was 53 years old in 1860 and took over ownership sometime prior to 1860.[citation needed] Susan's son Joel Blake established Ingleside Plantation east of Blakely.

Isham, Walter, and Joel Blake, Susan's sons, served in the Civil War with Company K of the 5th Florida Infantry (see Leon County in the Civil War).

As of 1980, J. A. Cromartie, a Blake great-grandson, owned the proerty.


  1. ^ Blakely and Ingleside may have used the same slaves.