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Blameless, 1995

Blameless were a rock quartet formed in Sheffield, England in 1993/94. The band consisted of singer Jared Daley, guitarist Matt Pirt, bassist Jason Leggatt and drummer Jon Dodd. Although coming from the UK during a "British Invasion" headed by Oasis, the band have been more-often compared to American bands such as Pearl Jam.

Their inclusion of the song Town Clowns in the "Rough Trade Singles Club" caught the attention of several labels, and the band finally decided on China Records. They released a single for China, Don't Say You're Sorry, and then went to Fort Apache Studios in Boston, Massachusetts to record their debut album, The Signs Are All There. Jared Daley later said, "When China said we were going to Boston, we thought they meant Boston, Lincolnshire." The album was produced by Paul Kolderie and Sean Slade, and was released in October 1995 on China Records/Atlantic Records.

The Signs Are All There failed to chart and did not meet sales expectations. In 1996 the band had a minor hit with the non-album single Breathe (a Little Deeper), and re-issued their LP, but sales were disappointing and the band ultimately disbanded.

The tart and tuneful "Town Clowns" was a Top 10 indie track in England and is the band's first U.S. single, and not surprisingly, the British press have confused them with American bands.