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Blancco Ltd. is an international data security company that specializes in data erasure and computer reuse for corporations, governments[1] and computer remarketing companies.[2] Founded and headquartered in Joensuu, Finland, the company operates from offices across Europe, North America, The Middle East, Russia, Asia and Australasia. Blancco is a wholly owned subsidiary of Regenersis, a strategic outsourcing company to consumer technology companies.[3]



In 1997, Janne Tervo and Kim Väisänen co-founded Carelian Innovation Ltd. The company’s first data erasure product, Blancco Data Cleaner, was released in 1999. Then, in 2000, Carelian Innovations Ltd. changed its name to Blancco Ltd.

Sun Microsystems and Blancco formed a partnership in 2007 to deliver secure and flexible data erasure solutions. In 2007 when Blancco was approved and included in the NATO Information Assurance Product Catalogue (NIAPC).[citation needed] The company expanded its product line in 2008 with the introduction of the Blancco 4.5 client series for added server support, and the Data Center Edition, which enables safe reuse of the hard drives in mass storage environments for clients such as Sun, HP and EMC that need deep data expunging.[4]

The company released Blancco Mobile for smartphone erasure in 2012. In 2011, Blancco LUN was launched and in 2012 Blancco 5 and Management Console 3 were released. The company also acquired DBAN in 2012 and received Common Criteria certification that same year.

Blancco was acquired by Regenersis in April 2014.[5]


Kim Väisänen, Managing Director
Daniel Smith, International Sales Director
Mark Lambton, Financial Director
Sami Tuupanen, Director of Products and Services

Board of directors[edit]

Jog Dhody (CFO Regenersis), Chairman
Kim Väisänen, Managing Director


Blancco’s data wipe products scale from a single, reusable PC erasure tool to software for erasure requirements in mass storage environments and data centers. The various versions support erasure of different hardware configurations.

Supported hardware erasure[edit]

PC Edition Server Edition SPARC Edition Data Center Edition
Number of hard drives supported 4 16 200+ 200+
Overwrite IDE, SATA, SCSI Yes Yes Yes Yes
Overwrite SAS hard disks Yes Yes Yes
SSD erasure Yes Yes No Yes
Freeze lock removal Yes Yes No Yes
Overwrite Fibre Channel hard disks Yes Yes Yes
Overwrite USB hard disks Yes Yes Yes Yes
Erase several disks simultaneously Yes Yes Yes
RAID dismantling Yes Yes
Overwrite HPA and DCO areas Yes Yes Yes Yes
Overwrite IDE, SAS and SCSI remapped sectors Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hardware testing Yes Yes Yes Yes


Blancco’s security certificates and approvals include: Common Criteria (ISO 15408)[6] and Communications Electronics Security Group: United Kingdom Information Technology Group (CESG)[7]

Approvals and recommendations[edit]

NATO (listed in the NATO Information Assurance Product Catalogue)[8]


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