Blanche Blackwell

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Blanche Blackwell
Blanche Blackwell died 2017.jpg
Blance Lindo

(1912-12-09)9 December 1912
Died8 August 2017(2017-08-08) (aged 104)
Spouse(s)Joseph Blackwell
ChildrenChris Blackwell

Blanche Lindo Blackwell[1] (9 December 1912 – 8 August 2017) was a Jamaican heiress, mother of Chris Blackwell and an inspirational muse to Ian Fleming and Noël Coward.[2][3]

Early life[edit]

Blanche Lindo was born on 9 December 1912 in San José, Costa Rica, the daughter of Percival Henriques "Percy" Lindo and Hilda Violet Lindo.[4][5][6][7] She was a product of cousin marriage, both her mother and father descendants of the Lindo family, a Sephardi Jewish family originally from Spain who suffered persecution for their religion and so, became New Christians.

Ultimately, Blackwell's ancestor, Alexandre Lindo, would go onto settle in Kingston, Jamaica in the 18th century and he and his descendants would make their fortune there in the rum and sugarcane industries. The end of slavery cost the Lindo family much of their workforce and years of poor weather combined with Lindo fathering over twenty children further damaged the family's finances. By the time Blanche Lindo was born, her parents had taken back control of their financial situation by investing in banana plantations in Costa Rica and the family returned to Jamaica not long after her birth.[8] She was educated there by private tutor until, at sixteen, she was sent to Garrett Hall to further her studies. She wed Joseph Blackwell, of the Crosse and Blackwell fortune, in 1936 and the their only child, Christopher Gordon Percy Blackwell, was born the following year.[9]

Relationship with Ian Fleming[edit]

During her life Blanche Blackwell became known for her role as friend, mistress and muse to Ian Fleming[10] who lived nearby in Jamaica. On first meeting Fleming at a dinner party the two did not immediately hit it off, but their friendship developed into a deeper and creative one.[11]

Fleming's marriage to Ann Charteris had suffered owing to her disapproval of the James Bond novels, and she was often away from the couple's home in Jamaica.[12] Blackwell is believed by some to have been the inspiration for some of Fleming’s most memorable female characters; Pussy Galore and Honeychile Rider.[13][3] Her brother sold land to Coward for his Jamaican houses.[2]

She became friends with prominent figures and celebrities of the time including Errol Flynn, whom she met when he was holidaying in Jamaica.[3] She continued to be involved with her son's life and work, hosting parties and giving advice.[14]


Blackwell died in London on 8 August 2017 at the age of 104.[15][13]


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