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Blanche Wiesen Cook
Blanche Wiesen Cook 2018a.jpeg
Blanche Wiesen Cook in 2018
Born (1941-04-20) April 20, 1941 (age 80)
New York City
OccupationHistorian and professor
Notable work
Eleanor Roosevelt, 3-volume biography

Blanche Wiesen Cook (born April 20, 1941 in New York City) is a historian and professor of history. She is a recipient of the Bill Whitehead Award.


Cook is the author of a three-volume biography about Eleanor Roosevelt: Eleanor Roosevelt: Volume One 1884–1933 (published 1992); Eleanor Roosevelt: Volume 2, The Defining Years, 1933–1938 (2000); and Eleanor Roosevelt, Volume 3: The War Years and After, 1939-1962 (2016). Volume One was awarded the 1992 Biography prize from the Los Angeles Times. [1] A New York Times review of the third volume called the entire biography a "rich portrait" of the "monumental and inspirational life of Eleanor Roosevelt."[2] NPR included the third volume in its "Best books of 2016."[3] Notably, the biography details a disputed affair between Eleanor Roosevelt and reporter Lorena Hickok.[4][5] (This affair has itself been the subject of other books.)[6]

She edited Toward the Great Change: Crystal and Max Eastman on Feminism, Antimilitarism, and Revolution, published in 1976, and Crystal Eastman on Women and Revolution, published in 1978.[7]

Cook is also the author of The Declassified Eisenhower: A Divided Legacy of Peace and Political Warfare, which was listed as a "notable book" in 1981 by the New York Times.[8]

Cook wrote opinion pieces for the New York Times, including "Clearly, Eisenhower Was a 'Militant Liberal'" (1980)[9] and "The Trashing of CUNY" (1994).[10]

Academic career[edit]

She is a Distinguished Professor of History and Women's Studies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York.[11] She is also a Distinguished Professor at the Graduate Center, CUNY.[12]

An oral history interview with Cook is included in the Living U.S. women's history oral history project, 1999-2005, in which 51 scholars of women's history were interviewed. These oral histories are housed in the Sophia Smith Collection of Women's History at Smith College.[13]

Cook co-founded the Freedom of Information and Access Committee of the Organization of American Historians, is a former vice president for research at the American Historical Association, and was chair of the Fund for Open Information and Accountability.[14]

In 1988, Cook took part in The History and Consequences of Anticommunism conference, where she argued that “every moment of our era has been touched and diminished by this crusade.”[15]


Cook received the 2010 Bill Whitehead Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Publishing Triangle.[16]


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