Theodorick Bland of Westover

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Theodorick Bland
12th Speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses
In office
Preceded by Edward Hill, Sr.
Succeeded by Henry Soane
Personal details
Born January 16, 1629
London, England
Died April 23, 1671
Virginia, English America
Residence Charles City County, Virginia
Occupation Merchant, planter

Theodorick Bland (January 16, 1629 – April 23, 1671),[1][2] also known as Theodorick Bland of Westover,[3] was a Virginia politician, merchant and planter. He was the father of Richard Bland,[3] the grandfather of Richard Bland II,[3] the great-grandfather of Congressman Theodorick Bland, and the great-great-grandfather of John Randolph of Roanoke.

Born in London, he served as his family's business agent in Spain and the Canary Islands in his early twenties. He moved to the colony of Virginia in 1653, to replace his brother Edward, who had died. He represented Charles City County in the 1660 House of Burgesses session, serving as Speaker. In this role, he presided over the House during the transition from the Cromwell Protectorate to the restored government of Charles II. He served on the Governor's Council 1664–71.


Bland was one of sixteen children, and the youngest of nine sons, born to John and Susan Bland.[2] He married Anna Bennett, the daughter of Governor Richard Bennett, and they had three sons:[2]

Other descendants of Bland include Roger Atkinson Pryor.[4]


Sir John Pawlett, by deeds of lease and release, demised most of Westover Plantation in 1665 to Bland for £170.[5] Bland lived on the property until his death in 1671 and was buried in the chancel of the original Westover Church which he built.[2] His eldest son, Theodorick, inherited the land and joined his brother, Richard, in its ownership.[5] The brothers eventually conveyed 1,200 acres of the property to William Byrd I in 1688 for £300 and 10,000 pounds of tobacco and cask.[5]

Although the church was moved from its original location, Bland lies buried in the graveyard near Walter Aston and Captain William Perry.[2][6]

In November 1687, Bland's wife, Anna, died in Wharton Creek, Maryland.[1][7]

Bland Family of Virginia[edit]

Theodorick Bland of Westover and his family were early prominent colonists in the state of Virginia. For this reason, the surname "Bland" is associated with the First Families of Virginia.


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