Blankenese Low Lighthouse

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Blankenese Low Lighthouse
Scheme Lighthouse Low Blankenese.png
Diagram Dimensions
LocationBlankenese, Hamburg
Coordinates53°33′27.80″N 09°47′44.66″E / 53.5577222°N 9.7957389°E / 53.5577222; 9.7957389Coordinates: 53°33′27.80″N 09°47′44.66″E / 53.5577222°N 9.7957389°E / 53.5577222; 9.7957389
Year first constructed1984
Year first litsince 29. November 1984
ConstructionReinforced concrete
Tower shapeCylinder tower, 2 Signals lamps
Markings / patternWhite and Red
Tower height42 metres (138 ft)
Focal height41 metres (135 ft), height of light
Original lenselectric
Intensity13 Mcd
Range8,410 metres (4.54 nmi)
CharacteristicGlt. W 4s (Equal Light, White, 4 Seconds)
Admiralty numberB 1568.7

Blankenese Low Lighthouse is a lighthouse on the river Elbe, located in the Hamburg district of Blankenese. It entered into service in 1984 and it scheduled to be demolished in 2020.


Blankenese Low Lighthouse and Blankenese High Lighthouse form a range of lights for ships sailing upriver on the Elbe. With a range of 8.4 kilometers, they have the longest range on the Unterelbe.[1]

The lighthouse is made of concrete and stands 42 meters tall. The column is striped in red and white with a white steel lantern house at the top. The column has 12 portholes facing the river and two on the other side; the lantern has another six. It is positioned approximately 30 meter offshore in the river Elbe and 1,340 meters away from the high lighthouse.

On the base of the tower is a 5 m high two-level staircase deck. The tower itself works as a sun clock pointer to the people seating at its shadow. Inside it has a helix staircase going to the top. There is no seating place at the top of the platform, only at the bottom, which by high tide sometimes get washed. At the third floor is a door with a plate showing the function of the structure. However, due to graffiti this plate is covered.

The lighthouse is remotely controlled by the Seemanshöft Pilot Centre and belongs to the Hamburg Port Authority.


Due to the offshore location of the lighthouse, a caisson was used to build the 700 ton concrete foundation to a depth of ten meters below the water surface. The 11 ton lantern house was assembled with the help of a floating crane.

The development stage of the range of lights in the early 1980s was met by controversy, including public protests and legal action.[citation needed]


Due to adjustments to the Elbe fairway, both the High and the Low Lighthouses are scheduled to be replaced and demolished.[2][3]


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