Blankenfelde Manor

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Blankenfelde Manor
Zemgale, Latvia
Blankenfeldes muiža 2000.jpg
Type Manor
Site history
Built 1743

Blankenfelde Manor (Latvian: Blankenfeldes muiža) is a manor in the historical region of Zemgale, in Latvia. Built at the last quarter of the 17th century, it changed owners several times. The renovation work is currecntly being processed.


The first reports of the manor date from 1689 when the owner was Ernst von Medem.[1] The estate changed owners several times and was part of the von Hahn family from 1840 until 1920.[1] Between 1804 and 1805 the manor belonged to the Russian imperial house of Andreas von Königfels, who visited the manor of French King Louis XVIII.[1]

The complex structure of the manor dates from the mid 18th century, and the main building erected in 1743 has a 19th-century English-style park.[2] There are currently ideas for the exploration of the estate in the concept of private ownership and tourism.[1] The renovation work of the main building is now underway. Blankenfelde estate flower garden is part of the spring tulbifestivale.[1]

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