Blaque Out

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Blaque Out!
Studio album by Blaque
Released January 29, 2002
Recorded 2001
Genre R&B, hip hop, dance
Length 51:05
Label Columbia
Producer Salaam Remi
Jasper Cameron
Dallas Austin
Full Force
Blaque chronology
Blaque Out!
Singles from Blaque Out
  1. "Can't Get It Back"
    Released: October 29, 2001

Blaque Out! is the second and final album by American trio Blaque. The album was shelved in the U.S. but was released in Japan before finally being released in the United States as an iTunes download. Group member, Natina Reed, mentioned in her final interview that Blaque Out! was both the strongest of the group's two albums and also her personal favorite album.[1]


Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic2.5/5 stars[2]
Vibe3/5 stars[3]

Blaque's second album, Blaque Out, finds the urban trio of female vocalists exploring much of the same terrain they explored on their debut album a few years earlier. However, like that album, Blaque Out has its share of lackluster filler. On the album's better moments, the trio co-opt many of the era's more successful trends, sounding often like Destiny's Child and other times like Janet Jackson. ~ Jason Birchmeier, AllMusic.[2]

Track listing[edit]

2002 Original track listing[edit]

# Title Time
1. "Blaque Out" 3:20
2. "Can't Get It Back" 4:14
3. "Know What's Up (Ghetto Boys)" 4:11
4. "Thinkin' About It" 1 4:36
5. "Should I" 3:16
6. "Temperature" 5:04
7. "I Love My Group But... (Interlude)" 0:39
8. "Bliss" 3:31
9. "I Wanna Be The One" 4:34
10. "Questions" 4:40
11. "Girls Like That" 3:52
12. "This Ain't Us" 4:07
13. "Outro" 1:10
14. "She Ain't Got That Boom (808 Remix)" (Bonus Track) 3:50
15. "As If" (Bonus Track) 3:47

1 Also known as "MTV" and was produced by Full Force. The track is also noted as Natina Reed's favorite song.

Extra Tracks[edit]

"He Said She Said" and "Can't Get It Back (Trackmasters Remix)" did not make the final cut of the original 2002 track listing but were featured in the 2007 digital re-release of the album via iTunes. The group recorded a song called " Peak In Time" during an interview but it was later a leftover track.

2007 iTunes US track listing[edit]

# Title Time
1. "Blaque Out" 3:28
2. "Know What's Up (Alternative Version)" 4:18
3. "Can't Get It Back (Trackmasters Remix)" (feat. Royce da 5'9") 3:28
4. "Thinkin' About It (Alternate Version)" 3:56
5. "Should I" 2:54
6. "Temperature (Alternate Version)" 5:21
7. "Bliss" 3:32
8. "I Wanna Be The One" 4:33
9. "This Aint Us" 4:40
10. "He Said She Said" 1 4:02
11. "As If" 3:45

1 After the 2007 iTunes version of the album disappeared from online catalogs in 2008, the album resurfaced via iTunes in 2011 with "He Said She Said" excluded from the album; there have been undisclosed reasons pertaining to the cause.

Release history[edit]

Country Release Date
Japan January 29, 2002 (2002-01-29)
United States iTunes May 22, 2007 (2007-05-22)


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