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Blasia pusilla
Blasia pusilla 300908a.jpg
Blasia pusilla growing on a tree in Germany.
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Marchantiophyta
Class: Marchantiopsida
Order: Blasiales
Family: Blasiaceae
Genus: Blasia
Linnaeus 1753[1]
Species: B. pusilla
Binomial name
Blasia pusilla
Linnaeus 1753[1][2]
  • Biagia Trevisan 1877[3]
  • Biagia pusilla (Linnaeus 1753) Trevisan 1877
  • Blasia funckii Corda 1832
  • Blasia germanica Corda 1832
  • Blasia hookeri Corda 1832
  • Blasia immersa Dumortier 1831
  • Blasia semilibera Dumortier 1831
  • Jungermannia biloba Swartz 1803
  • Jungermannia blasia Hooker 1816

Blasia pusilla is the only species in the liverwort genus Blasia. It is distinguished from Cavicularia by the presence of a collar around the base of the sporophyte capsule, and a scattered arrangement of sperm-producing antheridia. Rhizoids and gemmae of Blasia may be parasitized by the mushroom Blasiphalia.


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