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Brás Viegas (Blasius de Viegas) (1553–1599) was a Portuguese Jesuit, known as a biblical commentator.


He was born in Évora, and entered the Society of Jesus in 1569. He became a teacher at Coimbra and the University of Évora, where he was granted a doctorate in 1594.[1]


  • Commentarii exegetici in Apocalypsim (1601)

The book became well known; in it Viegas expressed his expectation for spiritual renewal led by the Society of Jesus.[2] There were later editions, edited by Odoardus Farnesius.[3] It was translated into Ge'ez by Jesuit missionaries.[4]

  • Meditações sobre os mysterios da paixam, resurreiçam, e acensaõ de Christo Nosso Senhor (1601)

By the Jesuit Vincenzo Bruno (1532–1594).[5]

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  • (in Portuguese) PDF


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