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Blast2GO Logo.png
TypeBioinformatics Software
Inception2011 (2011)
ManufacturerBioBam Bioinformatics
Models madeDemo, Basic, Trial, Pro, Plugin, Commandline

Blast2GO, first published in 2005,[1][2][3][4] is a bioinformatics software tool for the automatic, high-throughput functional annotation of novel sequence data (genes proteins). It makes use of the BLAST[5] algorithm to identify similar sequences to then transfers existing functional annotation from yet characterised sequences to the novel one. The functional information is represented via the Gene Ontology (GO), a controlled vocabulary of functional attributes. The Gene Ontology, or GO, is a major bioinformatics initiative to unify the representation of gene and gene product attributes across all species.[6]

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External links[edit]

  • Official website Blast2GO - Tool for functional annotation of (novel) sequences and the analysis of annotation data.
  • Company developing Blast2GO — BioBam Bioinformatics S.L., a bioinformatics company dedicated to creating user-friendly software for the scientific community is developing, maintaining and distributing Blast2GO.
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