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Blastro Networks is a web-based company headquartered in Austin, TX, that runs three genre-specific, on-demand, streaming music video websites. With an additional production team outside of Austin in Nashville, TN, Blastro Networks’ websites not only feature music videos from major-label, independent and unsigned artists but also original video series relevant to the music industry, including artist interviews, live performance footage, festival coverage, news and gossip.

Blastro, voted “Best of the Web 2007” [1] by BusinessWeek, is an urban-centric site for Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Latin and Dance music enthusiasts. Roxwel is an alternative fusion of Rock, Metal and Indie entertainment, and Yallwire features Country, Bluegrass and Christian artists. All three sites heavily promote the discovery and sharing of both mainstream and underground artist videos.[2]

Founded in 1999 and continually gaining momentum since due to the natural migration of music videos to the Internet,[3] Blastro Networks remains independently owned and operated with major-label agreements that include Universal Music Group [4] and Sony BMG. The company has also struck heavyweight distribution partnerships with Windows Media Guide and Verizon FiOS TV,[5] both of which feature the sites’ diverse catalogs of original content.

Blastro Networks’ founders and employees are looked upon as experts in digital music, high-quality video and online strategy,[6] as well as beyond-the-banner, niche online advertising as can be seen from prior ad campaigns run by major brands, including VH1,[7] HBO,[8] Toyota [9] and Ford,[10] on the sites.


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