Blaydon Bridge

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Blaydon Bridge
Blaydon Road Bridge - - 285020.jpg
Blaydon Road Bridge with Scotswood road and rail bridges in the background
Carries A1 road
Crosses River Tyne
Locale Newcastle/Gateshead, England
Design Concrete bridge
Total length 332 m
Width 14.6 m
Longest span 108 m
Construction end 1990
Opened 3 December 1990

The Blaydon Bridge is one of the main bridges crossing the River Tyne in North East England linking Scotswood in Newcastle upon Tyne and Blaydon in Gateshead.

The bridge was designed by Bullen and Partners and built by Edmund Nuttall between 1987 and 1990. It is a concrete bridge with two concrete piers in the river. When completed, it formed the link between the existing Gateshead Western By-pass and the newly constructed Newcastle-upon-Tyne Western By-pass. From opening, it was designated the A1 road: before the Blaydon Bridge was built the A1 road crossed the Tyne to the East of Newcastle and Gateshead via the Tyne Tunnel.


Coordinates: 54°58′12″N 1°41′53″W / 54.970°N 1.698°W / 54.970; -1.698

Next road crossing upstream River Tyne Next road crossing downstream
Newburn Bridge  Blaydon Bridge
A1 road
Grid reference: NZ193640
Scotswood Bridge

Next rail crossing upstream River Tyne Next rail crossing downstream
Wylam Railway Bridge
(disused, now foot and bicycle) 
Blaydon Bridge
A1 road
Grid reference: NZ193640
Scotswood Railway Bridge
(disused rail, now carries water and gas mains)