Blaze Starr Goes Nudist

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Blaze Starr Goes Nudist
Directed by Doris Wishman
Produced by Doris Wishman
Written by Melvin Stanley
Starring Blaze Starr
Russ Martine
Gene Berk
Music by Songs 'Going Back To Nature' and 'The Moon is The Lamp of Love' by J. J. Kendall
Cinematography Raymond Pheelan
Edited by Martin Samuels
Release date
  • 1962 (1962)
Running time
approx. 75 Mins
Country United States
Language English

Blaze Starr Goes Nudist is a 1962 nudist film, produced and directed by Doris Wishman. The film stars legendary burlesque queen Blaze Starr and crooner Ralph Young (as "Russ Martine").

The film was also released under the bowdlerized title Blaze Starr Goes Back to Nature.


Screen siren Blaze Starr (Starr) is tired of the rigors of celebrity life. After wandering into a screening of a nudist exploitation film, she travels to Sunny Palms Lodge, a nearby nudist camp, to apply for membership. Blaze enjoys the relaxed atmosphere the camp offers and becomes friends with the camp's director, Andy Simms (Young). Her lack of interest in her professional life quickly becomes apparent to her manager / boyfriend Tony (Berk), however, who worries that Blaze will lose her acting contract if the studio finds out she's a nudist. As fate would have it, it turns out the studio head endorses the nudist lifestyle, and Blaze and Andy start a new romance.


  • Blaze Starr as Blaze Starr
  • Ralph Young (as "Russ Martine") as Andy Simms
  • Gene Berk as Tony
  • William Meyer
  • Sandra Sinclair
  • Stephen Bloom
  • Bunny Downe
  • James Antonio


The nude scenes were filmed at Sunny Palms Lodge in Homestead, Florida.

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