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Blazegraph parallelogram logo.png
Stable release
2.1.5 / 19 March 2019 (2019-03-19)[1]
Preview release
2.1.6rc / 3 February 2020 (2020-02-03)[1]
Written inJava
TypeGraph database
LicenseGNU GPL (version 2)[2] Edit this at Wikidata

Blazegraph is an open source triplestore and graph database,[3][4][5][6] developed by Systap, which is used in the Wikidata SPARQL endpoint and by other large customers. It is licensed under the GNU GPL (version 2).

Amazon acquired the Blazegraph developers and the Blazegraph open source development was essentially stopped in April 2018.[7]

Early history[edit]

The system was first known as Bigdata. Since release of version 1.5 (12 February 2015), it is named Blazegraph.[8][9]

Prominent users[edit]

Notable features[edit]

  • RDF* — an alternative approach to RDF reification,[12] which gives RDF graphs capabilities of LPG graphs;[13]
  • as the consequence of the previous, ability of querying graphs both in SPARQL and Gremlin;[14][15]
  • as an alternative to Gremlin querying, GAS abstraction over RDF graphs support in SPARQL;[16]
  • The SERVICE syntax of federated queries for functionality extending;[17]
  • Managed behavior of the query plan generator;[18]
  • Reusable named subqueries.[19]

Acqui-hiring by Amazon Web Service (AWS)[edit]

It was alleged[20] that Amazon Neptune is based on Blazegraph, as evidenced by:


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