Bled Castle

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Bled Castle
Blejski grad
Bled Castle is the oldest Slovenian castle mentioned in documents
View of Bled Castle
General information
TypeMedieval castle
Architectural styleRenaissance, Romanesque walls
Town or cityBled
Coordinates46°22′11″N 14°06′02″E / 46.36972°N 14.10056°E / 46.36972; 14.10056

Bled Castle (Slovene: Blejski grad, German: Burg Veldes) is a medieval castle built on a precipice above the city of Bled in Slovenia, overlooking Lake Bled. According to written sources, it is the oldest Slovenian castle and is currently one of the most visited tourist attractions in Slovenia. Nowadays, the castle is employed as a historical museum with a collection that represents the lake's history.[1]

History and structures[edit]

The castle was first mentioned in a 22 May 1011 deed of donation issued by Emperor Henry II in favour of the Bishops of Brixen, and it was their residence for eight centuries.[1][2] Then located in the March of Carniola, it passed to the Austrian House of Habsburg in 1278.

The oldest part of the castle is the Romanesque tower. In the Middle Ages more towers were built and the fortifications were improved. Other buildings were constructed in the Renaissance style.[3] The buildings are arranged around two courtyards, which are connected with a staircase. There is a chapel in the upper courtyard, which was built in the 16th century and renovated around 1700, when it was also painted with illusionist frescoes. The castle also has a drawbridge over a moat.



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Coordinates: 46°22′11″N 14°06′02″E / 46.36972°N 14.10056°E / 46.36972; 14.10056