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"The Authority Song" redirects here. For the John Cougar Mellencamp song, see Uh-huh.
Bleed American
Studio album by Jimmy Eat World
Released July 24, 2001
Recorded Cherokee, Los Angeles
Harddrive, North Hollywood
Genre Alternative rock,[1] emo,[2] pop punk,[2] power pop[3]
Length 46:38
Label DreamWorks
Producer Mark Trombino, Jimmy Eat World
Jimmy Eat World chronology
Bleed American
Singles from Bleed American
  1. "Bleed American"
    Released: September 24, 2001
  2. "The Middle"
    Released: November 5, 2001
  3. "Sweetness"
    Released: June 3, 2002
  4. "A Praise Chorus"
    Released: 2002

Bleed American (re-released as Jimmy Eat World) is the fourth studio album by American alternative rock band Jimmy Eat World.


"Hear You Me" was reportedly written for Mykel and Carli Allan, the pair were fans of the band Weezer.[4]

The title for "The Authority Song" was taken from a John Mellencamp song.[4]

The album is the first Jimmy Eat World album without a lead vocal by guitarist Tom Linton.[4]


The album was produced by Mark Trombino.[5]


Bleed American was released on July 24, 2001 by DreamWorks.[5][nb 1] The album artwork is taken from William Eggleston's photograph "Memphis".[4]

Out of concern that its title could be misinterpreted following the September 11 attacks, the album was re-released on October 9, 2001 with an eponymous title.[4] In addition, the title track was renamed "Salt Sweat Sugar."[6]

An EP, titled Good to Go EP, was released in Japan on February 22, 2002.[5][nb 2] A tour EP, The Middle/A Praise Chorus Tour EP was released in Australia in January 2003.[5][nb 3]

On April 28, 2008, a deluxe edition of the album was released with a bonus disc containing several b-sides, acoustic versions, live versions, demo versions and previously unreleased tracks. The original album and track title Bleed American were restored.[7][4]


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AbsolutePunk 97%[2]
AllMusic 4.5/5 stars[8]
CMJ (favorable)[3]
Entertainment Weekly B[9]
Pitchfork Media 3.5/10[10]
Punknews 4/5 stars[11]
Robert Christgau C+[12]
Rolling Stone 3.5/5 stars[13]
Slant 3.5/5 stars[14]
Sputnikmusic 3.5/5[1]

Bleed American was a critical and commercial success, helping the band gain mainstream popularity. Bleed American was well received by music critics and was later certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA),[15] platinum by the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA),[16] and silver by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI).[17]

Thomas Nassiff at AbsolutePunk stated "Praising this album is something that can't be done enough. Certainly one of the most memorable records of 2001, Bleed American might actually have the most lasting power of any album from that class." Nassiff also opined that the album contains no "bad songs".[2] AllMusic's Mark Vanderhoff described the album as featuring "compelling lyrics, driving guitar work, and insanely catchy melodies".[8] Mike Stagno of Sputnikmusic commented "When I first listened to Jimmy Eat World's fourth album, I wasn't really expecting anything other than an average mainstream rock album. What I got was an enjoyable, catchy mainstream rock album." Stagno pointed out the high "replay value" of the album, with tracks such as "Sweetness" and "Get It Faster".[1] Aubin Paul from Punknews stated "The second half of the record, is, unlike my experience with their past records, quite strong, and really fleshes out the musical ideas from the record." Paul note that anyone who hates emo or "poppier" music would hate the album, and concludes with "The punker-than-thou kids should stick with Static Prevails, but a catalog as impressive a J.E.W.'s can be appreciated by anyone without preconceptions."[11]

Q listed Bleed American as one of the best 50 albums of 2001.[18] The album was included in Rock Sound‍ '​s 101 Modern Classics list at number 48.[19] In 2013, it was ranked at number 429 on NME's The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list.[20] BuzzFeed included the album at number 17 on their "36 Pop Punk Albums You Need To Hear Before You F——ing Die" list.[21] NME listed the album as one of "20 Pop Punk Albums Which Will Make You Nostalgic".[22] NME listed the album as one of "20 Emo Albums That Have Resolutely Stood The Test Of Time".[23] The album was ranked at number 183 on Spin‍ '​s "The 300 Best Albums of the Past 30 Years (1985–2014)" list.[24]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Jimmy Eat World, except "A Praise Chorus", which contains lyrics from "Crimson and Clover" written by Tommy James and Peter P. Lucia, Jr.[5]

  1. "Bleed American" – 3:02
  2. "A Praise Chorus" – 4:03
  3. "The Middle" – 2:46
  4. "Your House" – 4:46
  5. "Sweetness" – 3:40
  6. "Hear You Me" – 4:45
  7. "If You Don't, Don't" – 4:33
  8. "Get It Faster" – 4:22
  9. "Cautioners" – 5:21
  10. "The Authority Song" – 3:38
  11. "My Sundown" – 5:40
Bonus tracks


Personnel per 2008 reissue booklet.[5]

Chart performance[edit]

Chart (2001–02) Peak position
Australia ARIA[27] 54
Germany[28] 20
New Zealand Recorded Music NZ[29] 43
UK OCC[30] 62
US Billboard 200[31] 31

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