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Bleeding usually means the loss of blood from the body.

Bleeding, bleed, or bleeder may also refer to:

  • Bleed (printing), a term for when an image or document is cut off the page
  • Bleed, or spill (audio), when audio from one source is picked up by a microphone intended for a different source
  • Bleed, the presence of surface water on concrete
  • Bleed air, compressed air taken from gas turbine compressor stages
  • Bleeder, baseball term for a weakly hit ground ball that goes for a base hit
  • Bleeding (computer graphics), a computer graphics term for when a graphic object passes through another in an unwanted manner
  • Bleeding, or capillary action, the ability of a substance (such as blood, ink, or water) to flow in narrow spaces without the assistance of, and in opposition to external forces like gravity
  • Bleeding, purging air from a radiator, brake line, fuel line, etc.
  • Bleeding, the migration by dissolution of a component of a composite, e.g., pigments bleed into some plasticizers
  • Bleeding order, a relation between rules in linguistics
  • Bloodletting, a practice once believed to cure diseases

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