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Bleeding Cool
Type of site
Comic books, television, film, video games
Available in English
Owner Avatar Press
Created by Rich Johnston
Commercial Yes
Launched March 27, 2009

Bleeding Cool is an Internet news site, focusing on comics, TV, film, and games. Owned by Avatar Press, it was launched by Rich Johnston on 27 March 2009, and has gone through several iterations of design, and many forum changes. There is an associated magazine, Bleeding Cool Magazine, also published by Avatar Press.


The website has a reputation within the industry for spreading previously secretive information far and wide. John Cunningham, VP Content Strategy at DC Entertainment, told DC All Access presenter Tiffany Smith on stage at San Diego Comic-Con, on whether she could reveal some information, "It was on Bleeding Cool this morning. The whole world knows." [1] While Marvel Senior Vice President of Publishing and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort referred to Bleeding Cool when talking about the revealed news that Marvel Entertainment CEO Isaac Perlmutter has personally intervened to cancel the Fantastic Four comics in his dispute with Fox Studios, saying "Seriously, if there wasn’t a website stirring all of this stuff up, can you honestly say that you would even have noticed anything here?"[2]


The site has published regular work by writers including Warren Ellis, Si Spurrier, Alex De Campi, Dennis O'Neil, Michael Davis, Dan Wickline, Adi Tantimedh, Brendon Connelly, and Bill Watters, while alumni include Marvel's Sales & Communications Administrator Chris D'Lando, comics author Donny Cates, EIC of Comics Alliance, Andrew Wheeler and Joel Ronson - the then-twelve year old son of Jon Ronson.


Bleeding Cool was nominated for the "Favourite Comics Related Website" Eagle Award in 2010[3] and 2011 and won in 2012. It was named as one of PC Magazine's top blogs of 2010[4] and Technorati gave it a perfect 1000 score for influence in the comics category in 2011.[5] Johnston was awarded the Shel Dorf Award for Best Comics Blogger for his work on Bleeding Cool in 2012.[6]


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