Bleeding Edge (video game)

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Bleeding Edge
Developer(s)Ninja Theory
Publisher(s)Xbox Game Studios
Platform(s)Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Bleeding Edge is a multiplayer combat video game being developed by British developer Ninja Theory.[1] A technical alpha test was announced to begin on the 27 June 2019 for those who have signed up via the Bleeding Edge website.


There are 12 characters to choose from, all of which have melee attacks, with some of them having range attacks also.[2] All characters are one of three classes: assassin, support, or tank. There are three bars for different abilities which go down when you use an ability connected to it. Each ability has its own cool down period as well.[3]


PC Gamer criticized the design of the map they played and the controller layout, but praised the feel and look of the melee attacks and abilities. [4]


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