Bleep Bloop Records

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Bleep Bloop Records
Logotipo do Bleep Bloop Records
Founded 2008
Founder Hugo Dias
Thiago Almeida
LC Junior
Distributor(s) Symphonic Distribution
Genre Techno
Tech House
Minimal Techno
Country of origin Brazil
Location Cuiaba, Mato Grosso

Bleep Bloop Records is a Brazilian record label especialized in techno, house and minimal.


Created in 2008 by Hugo Dias, Thiago Almeida, Luiz Carlos Junior, Anderson Fellini, and Rodrigo Farinha, the label became the "house" of many producers around the globe. The initial idea for the label was to help the local producers to release their music in a global scale, once the distribution is made via internet. But, as any progress work, the label reached other countries. Nowadays, the label releases music from Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Polony[clarification needed], Australia, Great Britain, Germany and Spain.

During its early months, Bleep Bloop focused on Techno and Minimal, but the catalog started to include some Tech House and House releases.

Bleep Bloop’s catalog can be found at Beatport, Track-It-Down, Juno Records, Mixmag, Audiojelly, among other stores.


Alex Nademski

André Maggi

André X


Daniel Gomes




Green Screen


Gustavo Bongiolo

Jon Sweetname

LC Junior

Little Fritter

Misha Smykk

Mr. Gil


Paul Hunter


The Burnin' Synth

The Genius

Thiago Queiroz



BLEBLO027 - Talal & Zoi - African Baby

BLEBLO026 - Duky - End Of The World EP

BLEBLO025 - LC Junior - Tijuana EP

BLEBLO024 - Andre Maggi, Gustavo Bongiolo - Finger On The Empty

BLEBLO023 - Faraz - Kite Runner Remixed

BLEBLO022 - Attik - Patrola EP

BLEBLO021 - VA - The Best Of Bleep Bloop Vol. 1

BLEBLO020 - Misha Smikk - Transformer

BLEBLO019 - VA - Motion Vol. 1

BLEBLO018 - Attik - Presto Manifesto EP

BLEBLO017 - Little Fritter - True Blue EP

BLEBLO016 - Green Screen - Astra EP

BLEBLO015 - The Genius - Metrika Libera EP

BLEBLO014 - The Burnin' Synth - Costabrava EP

BLEBLO013 - Faraz - Toucan EP

BLEBLO012 - Daniel Gomes - Viaje Comigo Brasil

BLEBLO011 - Groovycosta - Cocktail

BLEBLO010 - LC Junior - Velho Do Rio

BLEBLO009 - LC Junior - Scaring The Cat / Cosmonaut EP

BLEBLO008 - LC Junior - Acid Rain / Better Click EP

BLEBLO007 - Fellini - Monoblock

BLEBLO006 - Fellini - Maleiko Sala

BLEBLO005 - Attik - Never Ever

BLEBLO004 - Attik - Brave New World

BLEBLO003 - Attik - Seasons EP

BLEBLO002 - Attik - Noob EP

BLEBLO001 - Attik - Clinical EP

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