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The stars and the starfish.jpg
"The Stars and the Starfish"
Known forStreet art, artivism, Social commentary

Bleepsgr (or Bleeps) is the pseudonym used by M.V. Kakouris, who is a Greek artist. He creates political street art, paintings and installations;[1] he is associated with the artivism movement.[2] Much of his street art is in Athens, but his paintings are also to be found in other parts of Greece, and more widely in Europe.[3]


Bleeps started creating street art while he was in Bristol, UK, between 2003 and 2005,[4]where he became familiar with the local underground scene.[5]

Style and themes[edit]

Most of Bleeps' street art projects derive elements from conceptual art, folk art and various past art movements, while the protagonists depicted are associated with Bleeps' interpretation of social life.[6]

His stated goal is to examine systemic figures such as religion, politics, monetary system and consumerism.[7][8]

Bleeps' work: part of the windows series

Financial crisis[edit]

Since the beginning of the Greek financial crisis in 2008, Bleeps has been creating a series of works related to the crisis' impact on ordinary people[9] and the lower middle class, globally and in his country.[10] [11][12][13]


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