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Origin Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil
Genres Alternative rock
Indie rock
Years active 1998–2004
Labels London Burning Records

Blemish was a Brazilian alternative rock band active from 1998 to 2004. Stemming from Sao Jose dos Campos, the band’s original lineup consisted of Clovis Tito on vocals/guitars, Daniel Dias on guitar, Ivan Roman on bass and Luis Nonaka on drums.


Early years[edit]

Associated with grunge rock in their earlier career, Blemish gradually incorporated post-rock and shoegaze elements to its sound. Their first demo tape, Daybreak from 1998 was widely acclaimed in the subterranean world of Brazilian indie rock.[citation needed]

The good results achieved by the demo-tape set the band to play all the major venues in São Paulo and was responsible for putting Sao Jose dos Campos on the indie map of Brazil. Such was the marketing buzz generated by it that the band ended up catching the attention of the then London-based Brazilian journalist Luciano Vianna, who soon fell in love with the group. She invited them to record what became the debut cd of the brand new London Burning Records.

Major period[edit]

Two years later, Blemish made its sophomore phonographic appearance with Silver Box Song EP, considered by many music journalists as one of the best albums released in 2000 in Brazil.[citation needed]

Due to conflicting agendas the bassist, Ivan decided to leave the band in late 2001. The tension generated by his exit would ultimately influence drummer Luis Nonaka in his decision to leave the band.[citation needed]

The two members departure would later and once more reshape the band's soundscape. In 2002 multi-instrumentalist Danilo Sanefuji, and old friend of Daniel, was invited to take over the band’s rhythm section and quickly after his arrival the band released its second EP named King Kong.

Blemish then put together a series of live lineups with Malcolm Fonseca occasionally drumming and Lindemberg Jr., Joao Paulo de Almeida and Andre Dias (from the local band Jerks) taking turns at the bass guitar. They often toured to many nearby cities, as well as Rio de Janeiro, Parana and Rio Grande do Sul and opened for international acts like ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead and Nada Surf. Simultaneously to their intensive gigging the band started recording their first album, for the time called Hermits Cocktail.

Throughout the next two years Blemish would carve for itself a distinctive style by blending dirty sound textures with whistling melodies. That, along with the band’s energetic and emotional live performances would build the band’s reputation and earn them a loyal following in several of Brazil’s states.[citation needed]

Hiatus and reforming[edit]

Despite all the adulation from critics and public,[citation needed] the year 2004 found Tito and Daniel exhausted. They were upset with the seemingly endless recording sessions and constant lineup changes, as well as disappointed with Brazilian’s music industry short-sightedness. More than once the band approached well known Brazilian producers who, albeit liking their material, asserted it was economically unfeasible to release English sang songs to a Portuguese speaking audience.[citation needed]

By 2005 Daniel and Tito had moved to London aiming to find new members for the band and finally have the chance pursue their musical careers in a more rewarding environment. Unfortunately their dream would soon be abruptly interrupted by Daniel’s ill health and Hermits Cocktail would remain unreleased.

Daniel returned to Brazil whilst Tito endured alone in London. After a while Tito and Ivan started talking again, amending their broken friendship and that lead to a wish of reworking their material. During Tito's visits to Brazil in 2008 and 2009 they started re-recording songs, giving them a cutting-edge twist and making them relevant to the present times and to their present selfs. As the band never officially broke up they plan on releasing Blemish's unheard songs and touring Brazil in 2010.


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