Blends & Remixes of Someone Else

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Blends & Remixes Of Someone Else
Ira Losco Blends & Remixes Of Someone Else Cover.jpg
Remix album by Ira Losco
Released January 2005
Label None
Ira Losco chronology
Someone Else
(2004)Someone Else2004
Blends & Remixes Of Someone Else
Accident Prone
(2005)Accident Prone2005

Blends & Remixes Of Someone Else is Ira Losco's first remix album. It was released in January 2005. Produced by Bridge Productions, Blends & Remixes Of Someone Else is a collection of tracks from her previous album Someone Else remixed by top local DJs.[1] "Local famous DJs which contributed to this album are REN-D, Simon Pisani, DJ Ruby, Owen Jay, Miss Roberta, Toby, Hooligan and others".[2]

Track listing[edit]

No Remixed Track Contributing Artist
1 "Must've Been Good" REN-D, Simon Pisani
2 "Who I Am" Duo Blank
3 "Day By Day" Joseph Armani
4 "Someone Else" Leftplay
5 "Say Hey" Toby
6 "So Alive" Tsezar
7 "I'm In Love Again" Miss Roberta, Glenn Frantz
8 "Day By Day" Alvin Gee
9 "Someone Else" Junior B
10 "Who I Am" Spooky Monkey
11 "If You Say" Duo Blank
12 "Day By Day" Hooligan
13 "Love Me Or Hate Me" DJ Ruby, Mark U-Bahn
14 "She" Woody AKI, Owen Jay


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