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Blenkinsop Hall (grid reference NY68186412) is a privately owned castellated 19th-century country house situated on the banks of the Tipalt Burn near Greenhead, Northumberland. It is a Grade II listed building.[1]


The earliest recorded area history of this locale is from the Roman occupation and the construction of Hadrian's Wall, some of whose remains are extant in the vicinity to the north.[2]

A house existed on the site, then known as Dryburnhaugh, in the 17th century, and was owned by the ancient Blenkinsop family of nearby Blenkinsop and Bellister castles.

The estates passed to the Coulson family by the 1727 marriage of the Blenkinsop heiress to William Coulson. Colonel John Blenkinsop Coulson built the present two-storeyed, five-bayed house on the site in about 1800,[3] and the property was extended and improved later in the 19th century with the assistance of architect John Dobson.

Edward Joicey purchased all the Blenkinsop estates including the Hall in about 1876.

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Coordinates: 54°58′14″N 2°29′55″W / 54.97067°N 2.49859°W / 54.97067; -2.49859