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Flag of Blerick
Coat of arms of Blerick
Coat of arms
Blerick is located in Netherlands
Location in the Netherlands
Coordinates: 51°22′N 6°9′E / 51.367°N 6.150°E / 51.367; 6.150Coordinates: 51°22′N 6°9′E / 51.367°N 6.150°E / 51.367; 6.150
Country Netherlands
Province Limburg
Municipality Venlo
 • Land 34.24 km2 (13.22 sq mi)
 • Water 0.74 km2 (0.29 sq mi)
Population (2006) 27,330
Major roads A67, A73

Blerick (Limburgish: Bliërik) (51°22′N 6°9′E / 51.367°N 6.150°E / 51.367; 6.150) is a city district of the Dutch municipality of Venlo. It lies on the west bank of the Meuse and its origin goes back to the Roman era as a military stronghold and settlement en route from Mosa Trajectum (Maastricht) to Novia Magnus (Nijmegen). Blerick can be found on the Peutinger Table as Blariacum. Up to the second world war Blerick formed together with Baarlo and Maasbree one municipality. Under German rule Blerick became part of the municipality of Venlo.

In 2001, Blerick had 25875 inhabitants. The built-up area of the city district was 7.27 km², and contained 10866 residences.[1]



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