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Communications bleu blanc rouge
Industry Advertising
Founded 1987
Headquarters Montreal, Canada
Revenue 9.6M$ Canada
Number of employees

Communications bleu blanc rouge (generally called bleublancrouge or BBR) is an incorporated advertising agency created in 1987 in Montreal, officially designated in 2008 among Canada's top 10 agencies by Marketing Mag.[1] In 2001, the company merged with PDG and in 2004, a new generation of leaders came at the head office. In 2005, bleublancrouge takes over National, a Montreal-based public relations cabinet.


  • In 2007, bleublancrouge is rewarded as best creative agency in Quebec at Créa, thanks to its "words matter" campaign developed for Montreal daily newspaper, The Gazette.[2]
  • In 2008, bleublancrouge is officially selected among Canada's top 10 agencies marketers and media players by Marketing Magazine.[1]


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