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Flag of Bleiswijk
Coat of arms of Bleiswijk
Coat of arms
Location of Bleiswijk
Country Netherlands
Province South Holland
Municipality Lansingerland
Hoofdplaats Bleiswijk
 • Land 21.13 km2 (8.16 sq mi)
 • Water 0.84 km2 (0.32 sq mi)
Population (1 July 2006) 10.369
Major roads N209

Ltspkr.pngBleiswijk is a town and former municipality in the western Netherlands, in the province of South Holland. The municipality had a population of 10,222 in 2006, and covered an area of 21.96 km² (8.48 mile²) of which 0.83 km² (0.32 mile²) is water. On 1 January 2007, the town was merged with neighbouring towns Bergschenhoek and Berkel en Rodenrijs to form the new municipality Lansingerland.

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Coordinates: 52°01′N 4°32′E / 52.01°N 4.54°E / 52.01; 4.54