Bligh Place, Melbourne

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Bligh Place, looking South from the Deanery through to the University Arcade

Bligh Place is a street in Melbourne, Victoria. It is a short, quiet and narrow open laneway, running north from Flinders Lane between Elizabeth Street and Queen Street in the central business district of Melbourne.

Located near Victoria University and the financial centre of Melbourne, Bligh Place is a short lane which connects across Flinders Lane with University Place and University Arcade through to Flinders Street. As such, it is popular with university students.

The lane was developed in the 1990s following the location of Victoria University to the inner city campus and has a heritage building which was restored in the late 1990s on the eastern entrance and some converted warehouse lofts apartments. A vista is created by the Victoria University campus to the south on Flinders Street. The lane has a number of bars, cafes and mainly Asian eateries.

The lane is bitumen with a small strip blue stone cobbled gutter, has suspended overhead lighting and is unused by vehicular traffic.

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