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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Legion of Super-Heroes Secret Files and Origins #2 (June 1999)
Created by Dan Abnett
Andy Lanning
Olivier Coipel
In-story information
Abilities Ability to absorb energy from a planet, leaving it in ruins

The Blight are a fictional race in comic books published by DC Comics.

Fictional race biography[edit]

They are techno-organic beings from the 30th Century whose bodies are composed of rotting flesh and technology. They searched galaxies in quest of immortality. Along the way they met a powerful race, known as the Doda, with the ability to teleport across galaxies.

In the "Legion of the Damned" story arc,[1][2] the Legion of Super-Heroes comes across the Doda and the Blight, and destroys the Blights' teleportation device. Without this device, which uses stargate technology, the Blight are unable to teleport or spread their putrefaction across galaxies.

In other media[edit]

  • The Blight is mentioned in an unaired episode of the NBC series Powerless titled "Win, Luthor, Draw" where a spaceship is seen blowing up Emily's new apartment in the news. They are later specified as the Blight and that they're being pursued by the Justice League.
  • In the "Legion of Superheroes" episode of The CW series Supergirl, the Blight are mentioned as the 31st race responsible for an extinction level event, which led to several Legion members stranded in the 21st century. It's revealed in "Schott Through The Heart" that one of the Worldkillers, Pestilence, evolves into the Blight over the next millennium.


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