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Korn blind.jpg
Single by Korn
from the album Korn
Released August 1, 1994[citation needed]
Format 10", CDs"
Recorded 1994
Genre Nu metal[1][2][3]
Length 4:19
Label Immortal/Epic
Songwriter(s) Dennis Shinn / Ryan Shuck / Jonathan Davis / Reginald Arvizu / James Shaffer / David Silveria / Brian Welch
Producer(s) Ross Robinson
Korn singles chronology
"Christmas Song"
"Need To"
"Christmas Song"
"Need To"
Korn track listing
"Ball Tongue"

"Blind" is a song recorded and performed by American nu metal band Korn for their self-titled debut album. It was released as the album's first single in August 1994.


As explained by Dennis Shinn, based on the original creation of the song, while in Sexart, before it was re-recorded by Korn;

"When I created the song, and like most songs, it just randomly happens. There wasn't any authentic meaning going into the creation. However, before I presented the song to the rest of the guys in the band, I made sure I had enough material composed, to compile an entire song. The guitar riffs were ready, and the basic idea of the vocals and melody I had ready. And to finish off the actual lyrics, I wrote them in a few minutes, right in front of the other guys that same night at band practice. And to be completely honest, I didn't know what I was writing about (lyrically). I just wrote in words that naturally fit with the flow of the vocal phrasing and melody. Lyrically, it worked out, so we kept it as is."[citation needed] −Dennis Shinn

Jonathan Davis's personal meaning, how he connected with the song would be as said:

"It's just this monster riff, and lyrically it's about me feeling that I'm blind to people taking advantage of me, blind to my depression, just blind to everything."[citation needed] − Jonathan Davis

Music and structure[edit]

"Blind" had been written in Sexart before Jonathan Davis left the band to join Korn. The song was composed entirely by Dennis Shinn[4] - being both music, and vocal melodies / lyrics, in December 1992. Once Shinn had the song ready, he introduced the song to the other guys at band practice. From that point, Ryan Shuck added in one music section (acting as a bridge). Shuck's bridge contribution followed the extremely popular song opening riff composed by Dennis Shinn. Shuck's bridge divided the popular intro riff from the vocal section of the song. His bridge came back around after the vocal section ended as well. Shuck's contribution landed on both Sex Art's recorded demo of "Blind", as well as Korn's recorded demo of "Blind". However, once the 1994 Korn LP was being recorded, the music part written by Shuck was removed. On the Sex Art recorded demo, following Shucks bridge, the song then dropped into an extensive musical (Bridge) that built up before the closing out of the song. The entire section (bridge) was musically composed by Ray Solis. This area of music by Solis was not recorded on the Korn demo, nor album.

Korn's contribution came once they re-recorded the song for their debut album LP 1994. Even though the song was completed by Sexart, Korn added an extended song intro, utilizing drum cymbals, and an added small Bass-Line. Their addition acted as an intro that led into the original intro composed by Sexart. Also, Korn applied a small musical change away from Sexart's version, which landed under the vocal chorus "I'm so blind" lyric. That change didn't occur until the Korn LP was recorded. SexArt's original music piece was present on Korn's demo Neidermayer's Mind[5] 1993. Korn also tailored the song ending, being the bass coda at the end of the song quotes Cypress Hill's song "Lick a Shot". The ending, technically, had nothing to do with the actual song itself. Jonathan Davis and his music group Korn utilized this song on the album without crediting the original songwriters Dennis Shinn, and or Ryan Shuck. However, both Dennis Shinn and Ryan Shuck were later credited on the Greatest Hits Vol.1 compilation album when the song was used on that LP.,[6] as well as being creditied on multiple products that contain the song.

"It was Korn's professional production that brought the song to life". −Dennis Shinn

Track listing[edit]

US Enhanced Radio Promo CD[edit]

  1. "Blind" – 4:18
  2. "Blind" (video) - 4:18

UK Single[edit]

Side A:

  1. "Blind" – 4:18

Side B:

  1. "Fake (Album Version) - 4:51
  2. "Sean Olson (Radio Edit) - 4:45


KORN: "Korn (self titled)" Korn RIAA Certified 4X's Platinum (Korn "Self Titled" sold over 10 million worldwide.)

KORN: "Who Then Now?" (video) RIAA Certified 2X's Platinum / KORN: "Deuce (video album)" (DVD) 1X's Platinum

Family Values Tour '98 (album): Family Values Tour '98 (DVD) (DVD) RIAA Certified 3X's Platinum

Woodstock 1999 (album): (video RIAA Certified 2X's Platinum / cd - Gold)

KORN: Deuce (video album) RIAA Certified Platinum

KORN: "Live at Hammerstein" Live (Korn DVD) RIAA Certified Gold

KORN: "Live on the Other Side" (DVD) RIAA Certified 1X's Platinum

KORN: "Live & Rare (Korn album)" - (DVD) RIAA Certified 1X's Platinum

Family Values Tour 2006: - (DVD) RIAA Certified 1X's Platinum

KORN: "Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 (Korn album)" 2004 RIAA Certified 1X's Platinum

KORN: "MTV Unplugged (Korn album) 2007 DVD - RIAA Certified 1X's Platinum

NHL 2K8 2007: (Gameplay soundtrack)

KORN: The Family Values Tour 2007 dvd/cd documented but unreleased

Madden NFL 10: (Gameplay soundtrack)

KORN III: Korn III: Remember Who You Are Special Edition iTunes (BLIND - live ) 2010

KORN: The Path of Totality Tour – Live at the Hollywood Palladium (cd/DVD) 2012

KORN: Family Values Festival 2013 - dvd

Australian Radio Promo[edit]

  1. "Blind" – 4:18

Chart performance[edit]

The song was released as a promotional single in the United States, Canada and Australia, and as a limited edition 10" vinyl single in the United Kingdom. It charted on the Canadian alternative chart, the RPM Alternative 30, in November 1995.[11]

Chart (1995) Peak
Canada Alternative 30 (RPM)[11] 15

Live performance[edit]

"Blind" had been performed by Sexart multiple times (club venues - live shows), before Jonathan Davis joined up to sing for Korn.
From that point; the song "Follow Me" had been renamed to "Daddy", after taking on a new musical approach created by Korn.
Both "Blind" and "Daddy" were then being performed by Korn, throughout their career before signing their first record deal with a major label.
After Korn was signed, and released their debut LP in 1994, the song "Blind" has been used as their concert opener, or show closer, for the entire 20+ years of their career as Korn.

"Blind", is well known for its intense opening guitar riff, as Jonathan Davis yells "Are Your Ready".
It's been known that the performances of "Blind" lends the greatest impact, crowd reaction, and energy, throughout the entire live performance set.
The song was chosen as the fan favorite, as well as being placed 1st in category on the historical "Woodstock 99 (album)" concert festival cd, and DVD video.
After departing from Korn in 2005, guitarist Brian "Head" Welch had also covered the song live.

It was performed live at the Carolina Rebellion in Rockingham, North Carolina; Davis invited Brian "Head" Welch to join Korn on stage and perform the song. This was Welch's first performance with Korn since his departure.[12] Since then, Welch had rejoined Korn.
Recently, at shows such as the Download Festival, the song has opened the show as a new mix, with a much shorter intro.
In the later side of 2015, the music group Suicide Silence started to play "Blind" live, being their cover version - tribute to the song.[13]
Korn played their first 20th Anniversary concert in March 2015, marking the first time several songs off their debut 1994 self-titled "Korn" LP had been performed live in years, including "Daddy," "Predictable" and "Shoots and Ladders."[14]

Meanwhile: Korn continue to perform "Blind" at every live performance throughout the world.

Music video[edit]

The music video was directed by Joseph McGinty Nichol. Korn is seen performing in front of an energetic crowd in a small stage room. A large "Korn" flag can be seen on the back of the stage. There are also clips of the band hanging out. The video was released in January 1995.

Demo version[edit]

The first version of this song had been recorded on the band's demo tape entitled Neidermeyer's Mind, released in 1993. There is a slight difference between these versions, as the primal version had a more heavy-metal atmosphere, and the version that appeared on band's debut album featured a hip-hop stylized bridge.


The song has gained major acclaim in the press.

Rolling Stone[edit]

December 11, 2014
Rolling Stone Cover Story dubbed Korn's 1994 (self titled) debut LP 'Korn, which features songs by SexArt as:
"The Most Important Metal Record of the Last 20 Years".[15]

March 15, 2015
"Watch Korn Perform 'Daddy' for First Time in 20 Years"[16]

"The 40 Best Records From Mainstream Alternative's Greatest Year: No.23 - KORN, 'KORN'"[17]


December 14, 2002[18]

  • 666 Songs You Must Own (contemporary metal) TOP 20: No.2 - Korn - Blind
  • 100 Greatest Singles Of All Time: No.10 - Korn - Blind
  • The Kerrang! 100 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die: No.18 - Korn, 'Korn'[edit]

  • March 15, 2015
  • "KORN Performs 'Daddy' Live In Las Vegas"[19]

Q Magazine[edit]

  • January 2003 - "100 Songs That Changed The World" - No.88 - Korn - Blind.
  • March 2005 - "100 Greatest Guitar Tracks Ever!" - No.93. - Korn - Blind.


  • 10 Best KORN Songs: No.2 'BLIND'[20]
  • 10 Best Metal Riffs of the 90's: No.7 KORN 'Blind'[21]
  • Best Debut Hard Rock Albums: No.18: Korn, 'Korn'[22]
  • Best Korn Album - Readers Poll: No.1: Korn, 'Korn' Featuring the "Fan Favorite" Hit Song, "Blind"[23]
  • 10 Best Metal Albums of 1994: No.6 - Korn, 'Korn'[24]
  • Visual History produced by LoudWire, mentions SexArt in "You Think You Know Korn?"[25]

Appearances in media[edit]

The music video was featured in an episode of Beavis and Butt-head, where the duo comment on the video's lack of originality, however they commented that the song sounded "kinda cool".
The song itself was used as the ending theme for the U.S. releases of Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie.
X-Games Vol.1[26] compilation cd, as well as the opening song to launch the official XGames live on TV.
Transformers the Movie (Animated US).
In 2000, the song was featured in Charlie's Angels directed by Joseph McGinty Nichol, who has directed several Korn videos.
The song was also featured in the 2k Sports video game 'NHL 2K8 2007".
The song is also featured on the track list for Madden NFL 10.


Version Release appearance
LukHash Remix LukHash official website[27]


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