Blind Creek Trail

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Blind Creek Trail
Blind Creek Trail.jpg
The Blind Creek Trail near Scoresby Road in Ferntree Gully.
Length11.5 km
LocationMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
Cycling details
Trail difficultyEasy
HazardsSome blind corners, a handful of road crossings, damaged path surface in some areas
SurfaceMostly asphalt, minor concrete sections
HillsMinor hill near the Dandenong Creek Trail
Connecting transport
ParkingShepherd Road, Glen Waverley
Nortons Park, Wantirna South
Collier Reserve, Wantirna South
Westfield Knox, Wantirna South
Lewis Park, Wantirna South
Fairpark Reserve, Ferntree Gully
Boronia Tennis Club, Ferntree Gully
Tim Neville Arboretum, Ferntree Gully

The Blind Creek Trail, in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, in the Australian state of Victoria,[1][2][3] is a shared-use path for cyclists and pedestrians, which follows the Blind Creek from the Dandenong Creek Trail in Wantirna South to the Ringwood - Belgrave Rail Trail in Boronia.

This trail is one of the major shared use trails which runs through the City of Knox and runs past Westfield Knox and the Tim Neville Arboretum along its 11.5 km route. During November 2008, directional signage was installed along most of the path to assist users in guiding themselves to their desired destinations.

Following the Path[edit]

Travelling from the Ringwood - Belgrave Rail Trail to the Dandenong Creek Trail heading west, the trail begins 1.2 km north of Ferntree Gully Station, at a train line underpass on the Ringwood - Belgrave Rail Trail. It goes through the underpass.

Traveling downhill and in a westerly direction, the trail soon passes the Tim Neville Arboretum and continues on without navigational difficulty to Scoresby Road. It passes through a light industrial area and then follows the wall of Melbourne Water's retarding basin to the immediate north of Westfield Knox. Passing by the centre's car parks, it comes to a halt at Stud Road near Burwood Highway.

On the west side of Stud Road the path restarts by one of the many pieces of art dedicated to Hubert Opperman, that are found in the City of Knox. It heads south east and pass under Burwood Highway.

After 2.2 km, the path reaches High Street Road just to the east of EastLink. Crossing High Street Road to the south, access is made available by the pedestrian crossing or the road underpass. The latter is sometimes swamped. It heads left (east) to continue on the trail. Going west at High Street Road leads to the EastLink Trail on the far side (west side) of the tollway. One kilometre south of High Street Road, the Blind Creek Trail heads west and goes under the tollway and under the EastLink Trail. It continues on the path that leads to Norton Lane.

The St Pauls missionary college is straight ahead. It turns left (south) down Nortons Lane and picks up the trail at the end of the lane. Three-hundred and thirty metres west from here is the Dandenong Creek Trail intersection. This junction is badly signed in all directions, so it pays to review this point before heading out.


The trail meets the Dandenong Creek Trail in the west and the Belgrave Rail Trail in the east. A decrepit path along Scoresby Road leads to the Ferny Creek Trail to the south. Another path beside Stud Road leads to the Dandenong Creek Trail to the north, via Waldheim Road.

West end at 37°53′07″S 145°11′46″E / 37.885239°S 145.196011°E / -37.885239; 145.196011. East end at 37°52′20″S 145°17′24″E / 37.872150°S 145.290132°E / -37.872150; 145.290132.


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Blind Creek Trail route guide (major intersections only)
Start point at37°53′07″S 145°11′46″E / 37.885239°S 145.196011°E / -37.885239; 145.196011
End point at 37°52′20″S 145°17′24″E / 37.872150°S 145.290132°E / -37.872150; 145.290132.
(distances in kilometres)
0.0 Dandenong Creek Trail, Wantirna South
2.1 To George Street, EastLink Trail
2.2 George Street, EastLink
3.0 To High Street Road (eastbound, south side)
3.1 Blind Creek
3.1 To High Street Road (westbound, south side)
3.1 High Street Road
3.2 To High Street Road (north side)
4.2 To Timothy Drive (west side)
4.3 Timothy Drive
4.4 To Timothy Drive (east side)
5.2 Burwood Highway Trail (south side)
5.2 Burwood Highway
5.3 Burwood Highway Trail (north side)
5.4 Stud Road Trail (southbound)
5.5 Stud Road Trail (northbound)
5.5 Stud Road
5.6 To Stud Road (southbound, east side), Westfield Knox
6.1 To Westfield Knox
6.3 To Lewis Park (west side), Coleman Road
6.9 To Knox Skate Park
7.2 To Lewis Road (west side)
7.2 To Lewis Park (east side), Coleman Road
7.3 Lewis Road
7.3 To Lewis Road (east side)
7.8 Blind Creek
8.3 Scoresby Road Trail, to Scoresby Road (west side)
8.4 Scoresby Road
8.4 To Scoresby Road (east side)
8.5 To Scoresby Road (east side)
9.0 Manuka Drive
9.4 Rankin Road
10.3 Wattletree Road
10.8 To Dorset Road (west side)
10.9 Dorset Road
10.9 To Dorset Road (northbound, east side), (southbound, east side)
11.1 To Tim Neville Arboretum, Francis Lane
11.2 Briar Street
11.4 Sycamore Crescent
11.4 Belgrave railway line
11.5 Ringwood - Belgrave Rail Trail, Ferntree Gully