Blind Divine

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Blind Divine
Blind Divine live at The Historic Rialto Theatre.jpg
Blind Divine live at The Historic Rialto Theatre
Background information
Origin United States
Genres Trip hop
Dream pop
Labels Mysticus Publishing

Blind Divine is an American band, whose music is classified as trip hop, shoegazing and ambient. Their style is also a blended mix of genres, including dream pop, Britpop and hypnotic rock.

The music of Blind Divine is best described as art music. These prolific and experienced artists have embraced a creative style that is as unconventional as it is carefully crafted, allowing subtle nuances to collide with deliberate profoundness. Their “musical paintings” may be a thirty-second interlude designed to lure the listener into an otherworldly dreamscape, where floating rhythms, ethereal vocals, haunting piano, or effected guitars become a palette of many hues, a sonic texture that conjures a visual aesthetic. While others embrace a mix of moody beats and emotional vocals, where the “art music” becomes the theme of an enigmatic dream that is as strange as it is inescapably familiar in a delicate and abstract world, imbuing an ultra awareness of emotion, love, hate, fear, pain, life, death, elation, or faith, and inviting the imagination to ruminate.

In addition to their own, self-released albums, their music has been licensed by MTV, VH1, A&E, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Biography Channel, Disney Channel, Sony Pictures, CMTV, Soap Network, Weather Channel, Travel Channel, Style Network, Comedy central, Noggin, Logo, E!, WETV, Animal Planet, National Geographic, The Learning Channel, NBC, CBS, and MSNBC, as well as appearing on the Taking Lives DVD, Clive Barker’s feature film, “The Midnight Meat Train,” and composing the soundtrack to the independent New Zealand feature film Orphans and Angels.



  • 2012 The One Hundred Box Set, Mysticus Publishing
  • 2012 Soul Retriever, Mysticus Publishing
  • 2012 Snails In Her Hand, Mysticus Publishing
  • 2012 Music For Unmade Movies Vol. 2, Mysticus Publishing
  • 2012 Shadow Pins, Mysticus Publishing
  • 2012 Slow In Obeying An Order, Mysticus Publishing
  • 2009 Breathing Spell, Mysticus Publishing
  • 2008 Queen Of Venom, Mysticus Publishing
  • 2008 Midnight Meat Train Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Lakeshore Records
  • 2006 Melancholia Box Set, Mysticus Publishing
  • 2006 Music For Unmade Movies Vol. 1, Mysticus Publishing
  • 2006 Desire To Destroy, Mysticus Publishing
  • 2006 Strange Flesh, Eventide Music Productions
  • 2005 Devouring The Beautiful, Mysticus Publishing
  • 2002 Purified: The Liquid Lounge Chill Out Series, Water Music Records
  • 2000 Abstraktions Vol. 2, Abstrakt Reality Records

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