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Blind Spot Pictures Oy is a Finnish production company established in 1997 by ACE-producer Tero Kaukomaa to produce and co-produce feature-films for international markets.


Completed films include the Finnish/Chinese kung-fu film Jade Warrior by Antti-Jussi Annila, Man's Job by Aleksi Salmenperä, Dancer in the Dark by Lars von Trier (Zentropa / Denmark), The Rainbowmaker by Oscar nominated Nana Djordjadze, and A Rational Solution by Jörgen Bergmark, as well as the Golden Globe nominee Everlasting Moments by Jan Troell.

Blind Spot Pictures has been co-producing with countries like China, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Holland, UK, Italy, Sweden and Russia.

Most recently, Blind Spot Pictures produced the film Iron Sky for Timo Vuorensola, as a dark science fiction comedy about Nazis on the moon. They also have several features in development, including pre-production on Antti-Jussi Annila's werewolf inversion titled Human, and the Iron Sky sequel Iron Sky: The Coming Race. In 2012, Iron Sky director Vuorensola joined as partner with the company.

Film & television productions[edit]

Feature length films[edit]

  • Geography of Fear "Pelon maantiede" (2000) – Directed and screenplay by Auli Mantila. A psychological thriller, 96 min. In co-production with Wüste Filmproduktion (Germany) and Zentropa (Denmark).
  • Cyclomania (2001) Drama, 93 min.
  • Dancer in the Dark (2001) (co-production with Zentropa) Musical, Drama, 136 min.
  • Eila (2002) – Directed by Jarmo Lampela. Screenplay by Tove Idström. Drama, 94 min.
  • Producing Adults "Lapsia ja aikuisia" (2004) (co-production with Sonet Film AB and Film i Väst) Drama / Comedy, 102 min. Sales Company: Celluloid Dreams.
  • Third Wave (2003) (co-production with Sonet Film) – Directed by Anders Nilsson. Screenplay by Anders Nilsson & Joakim Hansson. Thriller, 114 min.
  • Jade Warrior "Jadesoturi" (2006) (co-production with FuWorks, Film Tower Kuubis & Ming Productions) Finnish-Dutch-Estonian-Chinese co-production. Epic love story / Fantasy / Martial arts, 104 min. In . Sales Company: Rezo Films
  • A Man’s Job "Miehen Työ" (2006) Tragicomedy, 103 min.
  • The Rainbowmaker (2008) (co-production with 27 Films Productions) – Directed by Nana Djordjadze. Screenplay by Irakli Kvirikadze. A German-Italian-Dutch-Finnish-Russian co-production. Drama / Romantic Fantasy. 90 min, Main producer 27 Films Productions
  • Maria Larsson`s Everlasting Moment (2008) (co-production with Final Cut Productions, Göta Film AB & Motlys A/S)
  • Falling Angels "Putoavia Enkeleitä" (2008) – Directed by Heikki Kujanpää, Screenplay by Sami Parkkinen, Heikki Kujanpää and Heikki Huttu-Hiltunen, Drama, 100 min.
  • A Rational Solution "De rationella", "Ruotsalainen avioliitto" (2008) (as a co-producer – Directed by Jörgen Bergmark, Screenplay by Jens Jonsson, Drama, 100 min. Main producer Hepp Film (Sweden), in co-production with Pandora (Germany)
  • Human (2012) – Directed by Antti-Jussi Annila.
  • Iron Sky (2013) – Directed by Timo Vuorensola.
  • Iron Sky: The Coming Race (2017) – Directed by Timo Vuorensola.

Short films & Documentaries[edit]

  • I Loved a Desperate Woman "Rakastin epätoivoista naista"
    Directed by Jarmo Lampela. Screenplay by Tove Idström. Drama, 52 min. 1999.
  • One Hundred Generations "Sata sukupolvea"
    Directed and screenplay by Markku Tuurna. A documentary film, 60 min. 1999.
  • Slow at Heart "Kuningas hidas"
    Directed by Saara Saarela. Screenplay by Iiro Küttner. Drama, 60 min. 2000.
  • Stripping "Hengittämättä ja nauramatta"
    Directed by Saara Saarela. Screenplay by Vera Kiiskinen. Drama, 75 min. 2002.
  • Caasha
    Directed by Lotta Kupiainen. Screenplay by Jan Forsström & Lotta Kupiainen. Drama / Comedy, 55 min. 2005.
  • Family of One "Yhden hengen perhe"
    Directed and screenplay by Mia Halme. A documentary film, 49 min. 2005.
  • Opportunist "Menestyjä"
    Directed and screenplay by Teemu Nikki. Black comedy, 9 min. 2005.
  • Jungle of Dreams
    Directed and screenplay by Esa Illi. Comedy. 45 min for TV. 2008.
  • Tokyo Baby
    Directed by Tommi Kainulainen. Screenplay by Aino Lappalainen & Anna Lappalainen. Youth drama . 26 min for TV. 2010.
  • Happy Fatties
    Directed by Teppo Airaksinen . Screenplay by Teppo Airaksinen & Antti Pesonen. Black comedy. 16 min for TV. 2010.

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