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Isolation booth for taste testing for an independent lab. Tasters will receive samples through the box at right.

In marketing, a blind taste test is often used as a tool for companies to compare their brand to another brand. For example, the Pepsi Challenge is a famous taste test that has been run by Pepsi since 1975 as a method to show their superiority to Coca-Cola. Taste tests are also a tool sometimes used by companies to develop their brand or new product. There are two types of blind taste tests. The single blind test is where the experimenters know the information about the participants but the participants do not know anything about the experimenters or the product that they are testing. In a double blind taste test, the experimenters know nothing about the participants. The aforementioned Pepsi Challenge is an example of a single blind test.

Taste tests are also commonly employed by the public television show America's Test Kitchen, and its spin-off series Cook's Country, typically administered by Jack Bishop.[1]


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