Blinishti family

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Country  Byzantine Empire
 Kingdom of Serbia (medieval)
 Kingdom of France
Titles comes (count)
Dissolution 1330 (1330)

The Blinishti (in Albanian) or Blenisti (also Serbian: Блиништи/Bliništi) was an Albanian feudal family from northern Albania that appeared in several documents of the 13th and 14th centuries. They were in control of a territory from Blinisht (a settlement, that now belongs to the Lezhë District) to the highlands of northern Albania.[1]

Its possible founder, Vlado, first appears in sources in 1274 as a Byzantine stratiot. He allied himself with the Serbian king, and in 1279 was arrested by the captain of Durrës, which was then under Angevin rule. Later he was released and sent to Brindisi with the title of comes (count). His son,[citation needed] Gulielm Blinishti, became marshal of the Angevin army in Albania. Another member of this family, Kalojan Blinishti, appears in sources with the title comes. This feudal family was extinguished around 1330 as a result of various conflicts with the neighboring Serbian kingdom and then emerging Dukagjini family.[1][page needed]


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