Bliss Dam

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Bliss Dam
Bliss Dam is located in Idaho
Bliss Dam
Location of Bliss Dam in Idaho
LocationElmore / Gooding counties, Idaho
Coordinates42°54′49″N 115°4′14″W / 42.91361°N 115.07056°W / 42.91361; -115.07056Coordinates: 42°54′49″N 115°4′14″W / 42.91361°N 115.07056°W / 42.91361; -115.07056
Construction began1948[1]
Opening date1950[2]
Operator(s)Idaho Power Company[2]
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsSnake River
Height70 feet (21 m)[2]
Length615 feet (187 m)[2]
Total capacity11,000 acre feet (14,000,000 m3)[2]
Catchment area35,200 sq mi (91,200 km²)[2]
Surface area254 acres (1.03 km²)[2]

Bliss Dam is a concrete gravity-type hydroelectric dam on the Snake River, in the U.S. state of Idaho. The dam is located near Bliss, Idaho.

Along with the Upper Salmon Falls and Lower Salmon Falls dam projects, Bliss Dam is part of Idaho Power Company's Mid-Snake Projects.[1] The Mid-Snake Projects in total have a nameplate capacity of 169.5 MW.[1]

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